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His answer – that personal morality didn’t matter, ‘to understand Christianity is to understand that we are all sinners’ – angered gay rights zealots.But would Ms Newman ask a Muslim leader if the violent persecution of homosexuals practised by many members of their faith could ever be justified?Ally Mc Beal star Calista Flockhart, 52, celebrating seven years’ marriage to Harrison Ford, 74, after dating him for eight years, enthuses in an interview: ‘Wow, I keep forgetting he’s 22 years older than me.Sir Cliff Richard, 76, reflecting on his legal battle with the police and BBC over discredited sex abuse claims, says he had to take them seriously – ‘so I got great lawyers who are seriously expensive!

But on the issue of me, and the stuff that makes me who I am, I can’t work anymore with anyone who minimizes me in all my gritty glory.For a while, I buried the darker parts of my story. After experiencing both types of love — loved but not known, known but not loved — I eventually concluded that the only way forward was to find someone who could do both, who could truly “get me.”Not everyone can. But I want to be simultaneously fully known and fully loved. I want my flaws and so-called flaws to be acknowledged, and I want to be loved because of them, not in spite of them. Someone can either hear about my experience with fibromyalgia and think, “Wow, that’s unfortunate,” or they can embrace me for the fragile, messy, infinitely complex human that I am.The rich, layered brokenness that I loved so much was off-limits to romantic prospects. Per Keller’s assertion, it all felt rather nice, but hollow. During the time my ex and I were together, he asked me to “work with him.” He told me that I was introducing him to concepts and ideas and ways of being that were new to him, a different kind of relationship, and I needed to give him a moment to wrap his head around it all.Regaining that ability didn’t happen overnight for me, but I am back to trying complete vulnerability again.It feels infinitely more worthwhile than only sharing the surface-level pleasantries.

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