Sap2016 error updating analysis cases

For dimensions, adds new members and updates dimension attribute captions and descriptions.For measure groups and partitions, adds newly available fact data and process only to the relevant partitions.However when i manualy add related dimentions to the cube while processing it manualy the changes will take effect. Expand the databases folder, right click on the desired database and choose "PROCESS." If this is the issue, and you update data daily, you need to set up a job to process daily.I even Created several other cubes to see if i have missed a step during cube creation to add related dimentions. Are you processing the whole project or just the cube? Try processing the dimensions first and then process the cube.Here I’ll briefly describe how I found the problem, and also what appears to be the fix. What I didn’t try, and what may work just fine, is to simply restart the Analysis Services service.In order to find the problem, I downloaded the Admin Report Pack and installed the Cube Status report. Warehouse Exception: TF221122: An error occurred running job Incremental Analysis Database Sync for team project collection or Team Foundation server TEAM FOUNDATION. If I run into this error again, I’ll try that fix (I’ve had reports from some other people that restarting the service is enough to fix this problem).

Process in BIDS it will not reflect the new changes even though when I retrieve the table data in SQL server Management Studio the table shows my data is changed.You can find much more information on this report in Grant Holliday’s post: Administrative Report Pack for Team Foundation Server 2010. When I ran this report, I saw error messages like this: [Incremental Analysis Database Sync]: Analysis Database Processing Type=Full, need Cube Schema Update=True. You can set the maximum number of parallel tasks explicitly, or let the server decide the optimal distribution. An affected object is defined by object dependency. The job processes the objects explicitly named in the job and all dependent objects.The Parallel option is useful for speeding up processing. Creates a new writeback table and causes the process to fail if one already exists. Creates a new writeback table even if one already exists. For example, partitions are dependent on the dimensions that determine aggregation, but dimensions are not dependent on partitions. For example, if the processing job contains only dimensions, Analysis Services processes just those objects explicitly identified in the job.

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