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Customer service representatives maintain relationships with people and organizations that have purchased season tickets.

These representatives can also work with people or groups who want to purchase large numbers of tickets for specific events.

It is also important to understand that you may have to start at an entry-level position and work long hours when you enter sports marketing.

You may also have to work at several different positions and work your way up to get to the position that you may desire.

In merchandising, you could work in store management or purchasing for one of these entities.

You may also work for a larger store and specialize in sports-related merchandise for that store; other organizations like colleges or pro teams may need someone to handle sports merchandising as well.

Completing an internship in the area that you are interested in could also increase your odds in getting the job of your dreams.

This results in a wide variety of opportunities for individuals to work in sports marketing.

Sports marketing jobs can be with a variety of companies - from sports teams to advertising agencies and public relations firms.

Economic impact surveys and consumer satisfaction surveys are also other items that marketing researchers may provide.

These positions may be as an independent contractor.

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