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I do not start incubating before the middle of March, so will not have any chicks until early April. I sell free range hatching eggs, chicks (from 8 weeks of age), hens, and cockerels. I have Pekins: Black Mottled (plain and frizzle), Millefleur, and Lavender. Quail we are one of the largest breeders in the South West and sell Golden Italian laying quail , the dual purpose Japanese quail and the Golden giants . We also have the Chalkhill Blue Hybrid which is a layer of blue eggs. We also have Buff Orpingtons in the large Fowl and pure breed Bantams such as, Pekins, Sablepoots, Barbu Danvers and Buff Orpingtons. Silkie in Red, Red Partridge, White and Blue Splash.(MAREKS VACCINATED) Wyandotte in Gold Lace and soon Gold Laced Blue. Bantams: Brahma in Buff Columbian and Buff Columbian Blue. You will not find an Incubator anywhere near this spec in the UK for twice the money.All of these are subject to availability at certain times of the year Hatching eggs also available. All come with full 1 year warranty - full spares and service is available. Youldon Waters Rare Poultry Breeds, Holsworthy, Devon.We offer a choice of POL Hybrids all at 15 each which have been selected for their ability to give a regular supply of excellent quality eggs. In season we also have bantams (Silkies, Pekins, Anconas, Sultans, Sumatrans, Sebrights and Friesians) Please visit our website for seasonal opening hours and directions. No: 07963 132709 Email: Avalon Poultry, West Bradley, Glastonbury, Somerset. Based close to Glastonbury, I have been breeding Cream Legbars for 2 years now and have produced some really nice birds which are true to type, laying lovely BLUE eggs as they should be. I am also going to be breeding a sex-linked Sussex this year, producing a hen that looks just like a pure Buff Sussex. Rarer wyandotte bantam colours include chocolate, gold laced, gold partridge, silver laced, blue laced and silver pencilled.- Chickens, point of lay all year around fully vaccinated at least nine different breeds all free range on our farm , they are all reared together from day old so you can mix ’n’ match your own designer flock . We have over 70 varieties of waterfowl free ranging in our fox proof enclosures. Everything is Programmable from humidity, how many times per day the eggs are turned.I supply hatching eggs of good fertility and day old chicks. No.: 01458 851488, Mobile: 07766824417, Email: [email protected], Web Address: Bideford, Devon. We offer lots of free advice and welcome new poultry keepers to our farm. See our website or contact us [email protected] or call 01392 851190 / 07891329538. Poultry shop on site selling all accessories including poultry housing. We are situated near Stalbridge in Dorset in the beautiful Blackmore Vale. Sussex Star, Bovan Nera, Speckeldy, Columbian Blacktail and Bluebelle. Pekin in Lavender, Sablepoot in Lemon Millefleur and Porcelain.(MAREKS VACCINATED) Wyandotte in Silver Pencilled. We are a small family farm selling poultry, ducks, geese, quail and occasionally rabbits. It has 2 heaters, both programmable, it has an additional extractor fan which is again fully programmable to take out stale air. The temp sensor & humidity sensor can be re calibrated at anytime - very useful as this is normally a factory return.Hopefully this will help you find exactly the right breeder as you search for the newest addition to your homestead!The Flemish Giant is a domestic rabbit known for their great size, originating in Belgium.You've found the “Iowa Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders” page here at Hobby Farm Wisdom!

Flemish Giants can also be used for meat, fur, show and even pet assisted therapy and education.

Breeds incluse: buff orpingtons,blue silkies,gold silkies, white leghorns, black leghorns, crested cream legbars, rhode island reds,lavender aracaunas, salmon faveroles, buff pekins, mixed pekins, lemon millefeur sablepoots, polands chamois, plain and frizzle, Begium bubba d'uccle, Vorwerk, La flesh, lavender pekins, lakenvelder, blue lace barnaveld, exchequer leghorn, light sussex. We offer 6 different types of vaccinated Point of Lay Hybrids: Silver Star, Columbian Black Tail, Light Sussex Utility, Copper Black, Speckled Hen and Bluebell. Our aim is to increase access to and the numbers of these beautiful breeds. No.: 01409241097, Mobile: 07717313294, Email: [email protected] Web Address: Ark Birds and Bees, Kent.

All our chickens are wormed and in excellent condition, we also offer help and advise if required. No.: 01837 53222 Mobile: 07912 498837 Email: [email protected] Address: HAYTOR REACH RARE POULTRY FARM, Newton Abbot, Devon. All our birds are kept naturally on grass and fed a quality breeder and show pellet, plus corn for a treat. In order to achieve this we sell our hatching eggs, chicks and adult birds at cost to maintain breed quality. We are in Charing, a small Village located off the A20/ between Junction 8 and 9 of the M20.

We have features which allow our members to learn, ask questions, share knowledge, stay updated and more. We started "southlancsbirdcouriers" 4 years ago after we kept getting let down by so called bird courier firms ourselves.

When we set up we decide our selling point will be our reliability and honesty and although it was hard at first we soon started to prove to breeders we are here to stay. No.: 01237431589, Email: [email protected] Web Address: Cheesley Chickens, Chippenham, Wiltshire. We have available hatching eggs, chicks and chickens in most colours of pekin and wyandotte bantams throughout the year.

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