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He doesn’t want a woman to think he has fallen for her based only on her looks, so then can be led around by his nose.When some women know a man is ga-ga for her, they use it to manipulate him. And of course, men can use these compliments as a “line” to get closer to you.Yes, it can be overdone so that you think the man only wants to be with you because of your looks.But if he tells you sincerely and regularly, somehow it makes more attractive too!So what about those of us who aren’t classically beautiful?Using the last guy’s logic, since finds you beautiful, you must hear this all the time and have grown weary of hearing it.This was a very interesting article for me to read. I’m not sure how sincere it was now from one of them, but from the others I believe they were sincere and that has helped my confidence level even more.I grew up with my older sister constantly calling me “dumb, stupid, and ugly.” Because of an eye problem, I believed it and developed very low self-esteem. So much so that I finally feel strong enough not to let men take advantage of me.

” In the future, if a man I am dating does not compliment me occasionally, I think I would tell him, “you know, it would be very nice to hear if you find me attractive and desirable once in awhile.

But alas, his thinking (or at least saying) I was gorgeous was not enough to keep him around after three dates. Intellectually we know that it only matters that think we are attractive, and what others think isn’t our concern.

But deep down we also like to know that the person we are dating finds us attractive and is able to express that genuinely.

” Since I didn’t consider this wealthy man’s once-a-week phone calls and occasional casual, home cooked meals much of a pursuit, I retorted, “Are you?

” In other words, he didn’t feel he needed to tell me he was attracted to me or thought I was pretty or sexy.

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