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I close my eyes as I take a pull from my beer, the cold rye taste filling my mouth as I savor the cold hoppy flavor.Relishing in the release and riding the wave to finally relax after the day's events.Before you can finish saying "no" we are ushered out onto the floor, already crowded by college kids and some a little older.I give you a sheepish grin, my hand downing yours as we melt into the crowd.My hands on your hips, as we grind in beat with the music.I keep my back to your friends, knowing we are partially hidden.The music changes to Dubstep, the base thumping louder than the other songs, and I smile at your confused look.I spin you around, your back to my chest as I pull you in close before you can react.

You almost shudder at the thought of my words and my strong fingers.I shake my head with a smile, as we realize there is no way to hear each other and we should just enjoy the dance.The alcohol flowing in our system making it easy to let loose and be a little goofy, showing off some of our choice dance moves during the songs we know.Trying to hide your wedding ring as you savor the look of lust in my eyes, remembering that look, and knowing I am nothing but trouble tonight.Your tight little black dress and heels only fueling my lust. Finding yourself standing next to me again, making small talk while you wait for the bartender to fill the order.

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