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However, these edu-niche apps also tend to include info like upcoming events calendars that are central to any self-respecting undergrad's social life.

One thing that can either make or break your freshman year is your roommate.

You've suffered through the drudgery of high school!

And now you're ready to let loose and live the libertine alcohol-fueled, collegiate lifestyle that Hollywood has long promised you! Thanks to technology, the entire world is just a few taps away.

if you can take a cool pic of it, we'll add it to the albums.

Neither Northwestern University nor the NU Off-Campus Life Office guarantees in any manner the service or quality of service offered by listed landlord, management companies, or individuals.Student News Hey Bucs, send us your photos so they can be included in the Campus Life Photo Albums!Club and organization events, Greek events, intramurals, just hanging around the dorm or the Buc…(And, you know, be sure to fit in some studying and stuff, too.) College is filled with all sorts of confused, eager folks like you. You've grown up with digital connections spreading in all directions; however chances are that your virtual tendrils didn't expand far beyond your high school. —to meet hundreds, if not thousands of new people, both in and out of your new academic home. Because soon enough you'll be cast out into the cold, jobless hellscape of real life.It can be difficult to find your footing, socially. And, surely, many of these new connections will be sought out in the name of nookie rather than knowledge. And you're gonna need all the connections you can manage.

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It's an exciting time to be a resident student at CBU.

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