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Retail Study: AT&T Walk into the AT&T Flagship store on Michigan Chicago and you walk into a digital playground where you can explore apps, interact with new technology, enjoy local art, and participate in various hands-on games.Brands and retailers are forced to play on the consumer’s terms to be successful.And the more brands can understand, connect and delight consumers instead of sell to them, the more long-term success and sustainability they will enjoy.On average, most new retail concepts take about three years to turn a profit. Its success has made STORY a media-darling, attracting new customers, brands and partners.Schechtman’s concept delivers on the idea of consistent and creative collaboration and it continues to evolve and grow each year.

It means every digital tactic must be executed in the pursuit of getting to know the consumer, so that every message intrigues her, appreciates her, and continues to draw her into a personalized brand experience—because in the “future of retail,” it is all about the consumer.It’s given consumers total accessibility, which yields heightened expectations and has ultimately sparked a change in mindset—from “I need stuff” to “I want an experience.” This mindset ties into a larger shift in consumer values: To achieve happiness and wellbeing, consumers now look to experiences instead of stuff. As competition thickens, it takes more than price, convenience, or selection to earn sales.In the future of retail, it takes a fully integrated experience to keep and sustain consumer attention.No single factor led to this new consumer paradigm—instead, many things collided to give more accessibility to shoppers and to push retail into a new era. It will take much more than access to win the hearts of consumers.To break it down further, think back to department stores and catalogs—retailers controlled everything.

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