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Jesse can hardly believe his eyes, and follows the doctors as they wheel Hank to the operating room for immediate surgery.

Jesse then returns outside and waits, and is eventually picked up by Skinny Pete.

jazz." Jesse arrives and declares the high-tech setup "the bomb." Seeing what he immediately presumes is his replacement, "This makes no sense," says Gale flabbergasted.

He trudges up the stairs flashing all a dirty look, as Walt insists to Victor that this is "for the best." When Walt wants to get right to work, Jesse realizes that Walt is unaware that Hank has been shot.

To know yourself is the first step to gaining the ability to acknowledge and recognize similar patterns in relationships -- and to avoid them.

It is extremely important to be aware and recognize this and override the impulse to think that you can make a difference in this person's life.

Rescuing is an addiction in itself, and can only lead to serious problems later on in the relationship. The One Without Empathy Another sign to look for is a person lacking in empathy.

So pay attention: if you date long enough, the narcissist will reveal their need to have it their way, to see things from their perspective, and their demanding behavior will be revealed.

Further into the relationship, you may notice that narcissists are punishers and if you don't do things that fulfill their ideal, they become upset and withdraw.

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They may not even ask you about your interests or experiences, never mind your feelings. The Damaged Soul Then there's the person who is so badly damaged from their own childhood wounding, there is no way that they can be in a healthy relationship, not without serious therapy.

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