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There is an absolute prohibition in the Smoke-Free Environments Act 1990 on the importation for sale of tobacco, which is suitable for chewing, or any other oral use other than smoking.Approval cannot be given to import chewing tobacco for sale. To protect children from toxic elements (such as lead, mercury and chromium) in their graphic materials, there are strict controls on importing children's water colour paints, finger paints, and crayons.The tariff for the items that require approval are set out in the Customs Import Permit list (XLS 345 KB). New Zealand is a signatory to a number of international protocols and conventions which are aimed at conserving animals.The importation of the Antarctic toothfish and Patagonian toothfish into New Zealand is prohibited under Customs Import Prohibition (Toothfish) Order 2009 to import brushes that contain animal hair or bristle, such as hairbrushes.

Attempting to smuggle or import controlled drugs into New Zealand could result in imprisonment.

The increasing volume of trade and travel is placing pressure on our biosecurity system.

New pests and diseases can not only have an impact on human health but can also damage agriculture and horticultural production, forestry and tourism, and trade in international markets.

In painful and despairing, he decided to commit suicide with the hope that he will become a perfect man in the next life. He could not be reincarnated and becomes a ghost with nowhere to go.

He has to work for a Bad Ghost by finding a way to entice other people to suicide like him so that in exchange he can be reincarnated.

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Jeff and Sharee (Broad City's Paul Downs and Ilana Glazer) were caught in a rut – until they happened upon a bong capable of transporting them to any time or place.

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