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She has been married to her husband for eleven years now having met him while he was on a holiday to Thailand in 2002.Her husband Matthias is a qualified accountant now living in semi retirement.'Austria was a more popular destination for Thai women I think in the 80's and 90's but in recent years it has become more difficult for Austrian men to find Thai wives,' says James Morris, an internet commentator on Thai women seeking lives in foreign countries.There are some reasons for this change including: Nattakan Postinger is 34 and lives in Liesing, a suburb of Vienna.'You can only have one life and you cannot really live in two countries at any one time, I am determined to make my way here in Austria,' she says.We put it to her that many Thai women in Germany, France, Belgium and Holland now had dual lives particularly with a semi retired husband but she insist this lifestyle is not for her . ' Nattakan says the following are great advantages of being a thai woman living in Austria: Thai women must adapt to Austrian culture: Nattakan says that her life in Austria has been a positive experience and that Vienna is a city with many cultural influences.

Figures released from a study shows that in Austria there are over 4 Thai women to Thai men living in the country chiefly as a result of binational marriages between Austrian men and Thai women.

Austria is Catholic country with over 75% of the population are Roman Catholic.

Like most countries in Europe, attendance at church is declining.

Research shows that this may be so for many Thai women living in Austria.

A recent report suggests that over 52% of Thai women living in Austria are living in smaller towns or rural locations throughout the country.

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