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Volunteers needed to arrive at the Dawson Community Church located at 2311 Dawson Cabin Road between 8 a.m. Each search could last anywhere from four to six hours.

Authorities also encouraged folks to help out in other ways."Search your own properties, buildings, abandoned cars, anything that would help us to ensure we have searched every place possible," an FBI spokesman said.

Now with the area’s modern roads, bridges and ferry boats, visitors today could never imagine what the islands were like in the early days, but the history of the Outer Banks goes back to the first days when our country was new.

Early American settlers, pirates, the first powered flight and the first wireless telegraph are just a few of the many stories of the Outer Banks – a land steeped in tradition and history.

Over many long years, giant sand dunes have built up with constant wind pressures changing the landscape on a daily basis.Visitors should pay close attention to the daily forecast, and should plan their beach days accordingly.For more information on Outer Banks weather, including local hurricanes, visit our website often to see the forecast for your upcoming Hatteras Island vacation!When he returned, there was no trace of the Colony, except for two words carved in a tree, “CRO” and “CROATOAN.” He left without knowing what had happened to his friends and so began the story of .Some scholars think Indians killed the colonists, while others think the English settlers moved farther inland to better farm land.

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