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In addition, reading this log will make you aware and help you recognize if adware such as ADW_ADSMART.

CA tries to infect your computer again in the future. CA can also modify the Windows Registry of your computer.

"Unresolved Reported Damages"shows how much money has been lost by all of users who filed complaints against the company.

This score is purely based on complaints submitted to Scambook by consumers.

The primary intent of people who create and distribute malicious adware such as ADW_ADSMART. If you feel your browser is infected with ADW_ADSMART.

“Tasked with lowering Watchfinder’s Cost Per Lead whilst generating a significant uplift in enquiries, Guerillascope’s flexible approach and constant optimisation of campaign activity has yielded results that delivered to the targets set.

However, if your IE browser is severely infected by more adware than just ADW_ADSMART.

CA, and you want to completely reset it, keep this check box selected.

The company statistics seen here display two important pieces of information about the business.

"Complaints Unresolved" tells how many complaints consumers have filed about the company on Scambook.

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