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Secret Ending [Beach → Casino (you have to win) → Downtown → Strip club → Nelena (private dance)]Jess/Grace skinny-dipping (requires Fun "Answer door""'I like your outfit too""Get started""Take her to the bedroom""Get on top of her""Kiss her""Finish kissing""Do something else" (Fun 2)"Sit on the sofa together""Kiss her""Finish kissing" (Fun 1)"Do something else""Offer her something from the kitchen""Have a drink"(Drink 1) [You could get something to eat instead, but that sets a variable that is never tested]"Finish drinking""Talk""So, how are you?

(We are located in China and likely the sender is too).

We are certain it's the same sender though they have used different anonymous addresses each time - thank you! 5Ya N5Li N5Y R5bel6LWE77y M5oi R5b Cx5ZGK6K J5oi R5Lus55q E5a6i5oi3?

required for secret ending]"Collect winnings and talk to Rachel""Cash in your winnings and leave" (Fun 1)Leave casino → Uptown Lose"Talk to Rachel"Leave casino → Uptown"Play" [NB.

You have a 50% chance of winning - frankly I'd just edit casinoplay3]Win"Collect winnings and speak to Rachel" [NB.

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